The first two generations of the Meurer Bakery: Founders Lorraine and Francis Meurer (front) and sons Francis Jr., Dick and Bob (left to right). 

As first generation immigrants, Lorraine and Francis recruited several European master bakers to join them in their growing enterprise.

Handmade Since 1929

Founded in 1929 by Francis and Lorraine Meurer, the Meurer Bakery soon became a well know name in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Taking advantage of their German heritage and European connections, they brought family recipes as well as those from a growing number of European master bakers who would join them over the years. Beginning with their original corner bakery their hard work and dedication not only helped them survive the trials of the Great Depression and World War II, but enabled them to grow and prosper.

​​It wasn’t long after Grandma and Grandpa Meurer started their corner bakery, that their sweet treats were so popular they were delivering their bakery products throughout the city. If you lived in knew the Meurer name and you knew where one of their many neighborhood stores were located!

Today, the Meurer family tradition continues with the Meurer  brothers, David and Mike, providing the kind of hands on leadership that results in products that would meet Grandpa and Grandma Meurer’s high standards for quality, value and  taste!